UNSW Vice-President IMC Fiona Docherty recently spoke to CMO Magazine about UNSW’s dedicated new marketing division and its digital marketing strategy. 

“We want to be the leading university in the digital marketing space across a higher education sector globally,” Fiona Docherty, the former Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International), told CMO. “I am excited to flesh out what our digital journey is going to look like and the investment we are going to make to modernise our activity.


Fiona Docherty

“We want to transform ourselves from a team of marketers that don’t really use technology, don’t really handle the online world as best we can, to be a team that is acknowledged globally as not just the same as everybody else, but having leapfrogged the best in-class within the higher education sector. That is the journey we are on.”

“We understand a great university is not just about enrolling the brightest students, but providing opportunity for those that have potential," Docherty said. "One of our tasks of the digital marketing strategy is to reach out to groups of students who wouldn’t normally come to university – or consider university [such as those from lower socio-economic backgrounds] – and give them support. This is where our digital marketing strategy can help support students much earlier in the high school system.”

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