University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney and Randwick City Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to progress a shared sustainability agenda for the local environment, encourage collaboration on a range of environmental initiatives and provide opportunities for UNSW students and council staff to work together on local projects.

NSW President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Jacobs, welcomed the MOU, stating that a shared desire to exchange information and skills to benefit the local environment sat firmly at the core of the agreement.

“Today’s agreement has at its core an ambition to deliver long term sustainability solutions for our local environment and local communities.

“In practical terms this means the delivery of projects and education on sustainability to local schools, the creation of opportunities to improve local water and energy conservation and the development of initiatives designed to reduce the consumption of some natural materials by local residents,” Professor Jacobs said.

“Perhaps more importantly, the MOU formalises a powerful and important partnership between two organisations, that not only share the same geographical location but who also share a vision to combine their knowledge and skills to benefit their local communities.

“At UNSW partnering with government and community organisations to deliver better environmental or social outcomes is a key platform of our strategy and vision.”

Randwick Mayor, Mr Noel D'Souza said the MOU marked a new era in a long partnership and put sustainability firmly on the agenda for the benefit of the City's residents, workers and students.

"This agreement gives our staff access to the resources and academic thinking of Sydney's leading university providing the potential to further expand and improve our already highly regarded sustainability practices.

"With the combined expertise and knowledge of two of Sydney's leading institutions, I'm excited to see the innovative sustainability programs and improvements that will eventuate. ​

"Importantly, by having an agreement in place, we're laying the foundation for a successful and cooperative future for our organisations, staff and the broader community."