UNSW is committed to social justice, inclusion, diversity and equity. This is at the heart of everything that we do as a University and is reflected in our 2025 Strategy. 

Whilst UNSW as an institution does not take a position on political or campaigning issues, the University is committed to freedom of individual expression and ensuring that everyone in the UNSW community can express their views in a respectful and lawful manner on all issues. This extends to marriage equality. We encourage all those eligible to cast their vote in the postal survey. The University will continue to protect the right of everyone to express their personal view without fear of recrimination and in safety.

The right to express personal views extends to everyone in the University, including the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. Whilst we do not normally publicly express our personal views on political issues, we realise that this postal survey is an unusual event in Australia’s history and that there is an expectation from many that we make our views clear. 

Our view, expressed in our personal capacity – not as officers of the University – is that marriage equality is a fundamental issue of human rights, individual dignity and equality, which should not be denied on the basis of gender or sexuality.  We believe that all those who wish to marry should be able to do so and it is our hope that Australia’s civil laws will adjust to accommodate this, as has occurred in many other nations.