Future-proofing Australia’s major cities as populations and temperatures surge will be the focus of this year’s CRC for Low Carbon Living’s (CRCLCL) annual participants' forum.

Cutting-edge research from the CRCLCL, based at UNSW, will be presented next week by speakers including urban innovation expert and director of the UK-based sustainability company Ecovivid Peter Madden, Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and the CRCLCL’s CEO, Scientia Professor Deo Prasad.

The Forum will focus on Australia’s transition to low-carbon living, in particular next-generation construction practices, such as multipurpose solar products, low-carbon-lifecycle building construction materials and new energy rating methodologies.

“At this stage in its life-cycle the CRCLCL is producing a suite of low carbon resources for the use of decision-makers in industry and government,” said Professor Prasad.


Designing the Future, a CRCLCL project that has envisioned low carbon cities of the future. Image: Supplied

Reducing the carbon footprint of entire neighbourhoods through planning sustainable precincts as lifestyle options will be addressed at the Forum, with issues around neighbourhood transport, infrastructure, land use and waste management addressed during talks, panel discussions and interactive sessions.

“The CRCLCL focuses on producing end-user driven research, so a highlight of the Forum is communicating the impact of the Centre’s high-quality work to our research, industry and government partners," said Professor Prasad.

With urbanisation and climate change the key challenges of the 21st century, Mr Madden said governments and businesses need to be prepared for the impacts and ready to respond to the opportunities.

“The technological and digital revolution we are living through gives cities the opportunity to do things smarter. But to make this a reality, we’ll need practical collaboration between city administrations, businesses and academia,” he said.

When 22 November – 23 November, 2017

Where Melbourne Town Hall, 90-130 Swanston St, Melbourne

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