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Experts from the UNSW Sydney Gonski Institute for Education will explain the political and practical implications of the recently released Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools report, commonly referred to as Gonski 2.0, during an event on Tuesday 29 May.

World-renowned Finnish educator Pasi Sahlberg and Director of Gonski Institute for Education Adrian Piccoli will present Gonski 2.0: Responses, reflections and directions, a conversation about the future of Australian education.

The discussion will combine insight from an education policy veteran with an international perspective from a world-renowned education leader who has studied education systems globally. During the conversation, Piccoli and Sahlberg will respond to various aspects of the recommendations put forth in Gonski 2.0.


Adrian Piccoli, Director of the Gonski Institute for Education

Piccoli, a former NSW Minister for Education, said topics will range from alternatives to NAPLAN, to the report’s impact on educators and students, and pathways to a more equitable education system across Australia – areas the Institute seeks to address through research and professional development.

“It will be a conversation around Gonski 2.0 and where we go from here,” Piccoli said. “The report has been handed down. But there is still a lot to do in terms of implementing the recommendations and what the political implications mean for teachers and students in the school system. What can we do to help shape that detail?”

Sahlberg, who was appointed Professor of Education at the Gonski Institute for Education and begins fulltime at UNSW in September, will discuss ways Australia can build on recommendations.

pasi sahlberg

Dr Pasi Sahlberg. Photo: Damir Klaic-Kljuc

“The main thing keeping Australian schools from getting better is a system issue, not that of poorly performing teachers or students,” Sahlberg said. “While the report rightly recognises professionalism of teachers and principals as a key, I would like to see equity as a driver toward achieving educational excellence for all, as advised by international evidence.”

Piccoli said the report will influence government policymaking in Australian education for the next five years. Later this year, the Federal Government is expected to respond to the report through the Council of Australian Governments’ Education Council.

"Gonski 2.0: Responses, reflections and directions" will take place from 6:30-8pm on Tuesday, 29 May in the Ainsworth Theatre on the UNSW Sydney Kensington campus. Details are available here.