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Academics from Science and Art & Design have taken out accolades in the 2018 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Associate Professors Elizabeth Angstmann and Kim Snepvangers will be recognised for their innovative and inspiring approaches to student learning when they are formally presented with their awards at a state ceremony in April.

A/Prof Angstmann was recognised for developing online and face-to-face materials and experiences for first-year physics students, encouraging active learning and problem solving.

“I believe students gain a deeper understanding of the subject material by grappling with ideas and working at solving problems on their own,” A/Prof Angstmann said.

“As teachers we need to motivate students to want to learn and provide appropriate resources to help them actively learn. I take an evidence-based approach to teaching and, where possible, implement changes based on the education literature with positive results.”

As the School of Physics’ First Year Director, A/Prof Angstmann is responsible for the education of thousands of students each year and was recently appointed Scientia Education Academy Fellow at UNSW.

A/Prof Snepvangers was recognised for the design, development and implementation of research-led, accessible and innovative teaching resources in the field of creative professional experience in art, design and media.

“Transferring student creative skills to diverse mentors, who may not be art and design practitioners, was essential in prioritising students’ under-utilised creative networks and connectedness capabilities,” said A/Prof Snepvangers.

“I foster placements in one-on-one, small-to-medium startups, collectives and galleries through to larger companies, digital producers and managers of design thinking in banking, property and health care. Projects in local government precincts and with marginalised groups are prioritised addressing accessibility of all in core programs.”

As well as being a Scientia Education Academy Fellow at UNSW, A/Prof Snepvangers is an award-winning educational leader in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and professional practice in creative ecologies.

The Australian Awards for University Teaching were established in 1997 by the Australian government to recognise and reward university educators who have made significant contributions to the quality of student learning. Nationally, 60 citations were awarded across universities last year.