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The Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, will give an important update to the fiscal and economic outlook on July 23.

UNSW Business School has experts available to comment on Australia’s economic situation amid the coronavirus pandemic and global geopolitical changes.


  • JW Nevile Fellow in Economics Tim Harcourt is available to discuss the economic outlook of stimulus packages and the labour market. (Not available 11am-12pm Friday)
  • Professor and CEO of the Centre for Social Impact Kristy Muir can comment on the social implications and implications for our charities/NFP sector.
  • Economics Professor Richard Holden can discuss all aspects of the economic outlook announcement. (Not available 8am-11.30am Thursday)
  • Associate Professor of Finance Mark Humphery-Jenner is available to comment on the financial impact of the announcements on the economy. (Not available 6-9pm Thursday)
  • Professor Pamela Hanrahan, School of Taxation and Business Law, is available to comment on measures to do with corporate law changes, and access to financial advice and assistance to individuals and small business including from bankshelp for businesses and their directors in survival mode (at or near insolvency) and on JobKeeper.
  • Banking and Finance Associate Professor James Doran can comment on the deficit, recession or the stock market.
  • Senior Lecturer Geni Dechter can comment on labour markets and the casualisation of the workforce.
  • Professor Gigi Foster can comment on JobKeeper adjustments and general inquiries about the economic outlook. (Available until 2pm Friday)