Headshot of Leibo Liu

Leibo Liu

Senior Data Scientist
Medicine & Health
Centre for Big Data Research in Health

I obtained my PhD degree at CBDRH UNSW in Australia. I work as a Senior Data Scientist at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) at the University of New South Wales Sydney, and Data Scientist at the George Institute for Global Health (TGI).

The focus of my research is on the utilization of natural language processing and deep learning techniques to extract information from unstructured health data. My primary research areas involve automated de-identification and clinical coding of free-text data in electronic medical records (EMRs) using transformer-based architectures, and predictive modelling based on brain imaging using deep neural networks. I am currently engaged in the Next-generation Clinical Registry project at CBDRH, and leading machine learning modeling for the Outcome PredicTion in IntraCerebral Hemorrhage Study (OPTICS) at TGI.