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Experts in linked data

The Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) is a leading Australian and international hub for health research using big data. Our experts are recognised leaders in research using routinely collected and linked data. They have a breadth and depth of experience in health data analytics across the areas of epidemiology, biostatistics, machine learning, visualisation, health policy, health economics, ethics and the governance of health data.

Our expertise covers the sourcing of state and national datasets, longstanding relationships with data custodians and applying for linked data via state and Commonwealth agencies.

We have health committee memberships with the NHMRC Australian Health Ethics Committee, Australian Academy of Science, National Committee for Data in Science and the NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee.

Our researchers help shape national policy regarding access to publicly funded health data for research and ethics in relation to ‘big data’. And we co-create research with end-users to shape policy and future research. 


Development and evaluation of regional health care alliances

Although Australia has a high performing health system, it faces widening inequities, large variation in quality of care, and unbridled growth in health care spending; now exceeding 10% of gross domestic product.

Enhancing joint replacement outcomes through registry linkage

This study involves the analysis of a new and unique national dataset with the purpose of further enhancing the outcome of hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery.

Hospital Trajectories for 15 mil Australians

Patient segmentation, which divides a patient population into distinct groups with specific needs and characteristics, underpins patient-centric approaches to tailoring care delivery.

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Health and medical research in Australia significantly improve the health of the population. But a major research challenge remaining is the timely identification of eligible research participants.