Early life

primary school stundents working with a robot

Big data to improve the quality of early life

Our data platform on early life research:

  • Provides a linked data resource for approved projects and researchers to undertake population-based research. 

  • Includes information on children born in NSW 2001–2020 and their parents.

  • Includes national and NSW-based health and education data provided by NSW Health, NSW Department of Education, National Education Standards Authority and the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare.

  • Includes 19 administrative datasets including health (hospital, emergency visit, mediations, controlled drugs, cancer, mental health, Medicare), perinatal (births, neonatal admissions, deaths), education (national testing) and socio-economic data.

  • Employs umbrella ethics including perinatal and paediatric health and wellbeing as well as medications during pregnancy.  

For enquiries about using this data platform please email: g.chambers@unsw.edu.au