Early life

Early life research

Big data to improve the quality of early life

Our data platform on early life research:

  • Provides a linked data resource to support research that generates real-world evidence to drive improvements in the health, development and wellbeing of mothers and children.

  • Includes information on the 1.7 million children born in NSW 2001–2019 and their parents.

  • Includes state (NSW) and federal data collections including 20 administrative data collections including health (hospital, emergency visit, medicine dispensing, controlled drugs, cancer, mental health, Medicare), perinatal (births, neonatal admissions, deaths), education (national testing, development census) and social security benefits data.


Applying to use the Early Life Course Platform 

  1. Contact: Make contact with us at elc@unsw.edu.au.
  2. Consultation: Researchers consult with the Steering Committee to ensure that their proposed research aligns with the platform's objectives, is feasible within its scope and restrictions, and that the research team possesses the necessary resources and expertise.
  3. Expression of Interest (EOI): Researchers submit an Expression of Interest form, which undergoes review by the Steering Committee. Any necessary revisions are made, and the final EOI is tabled for approval at a Steering Committee meeting.
  4. ELC Project Approval: The Lead Researcher of the project prepares the ELC Project Form, including full project details that will be required for formal approvals.
  5. Ethics and Custodian Approvals: The sub-project amendment to be submitted to the ethics committee is prepared by the steering committee member responsible for the project. Approvals from data custodians are also prepared and submitted.
  6. ELC Data Access Approvals: Once ethical and custodian approvals are obtained, the lead researcher submits an ELC Project Data Access Form agreeing to the projects, ethical and legal obligations. Individual undertakings are also completed by each researcher accessing the platform. Access to the platform is granted upon completion of these approvals. Projects outside UNSW also require a contract between institutions.