Our research programs

Scientist analysing data

Improving health from conception through to end-of-life

The Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) tackles any health issue that can be informed through research using large-scale electronic data.

Our expertise spans reproduction and fertility as well as early life; cardiovascular, chronic disease and musculoskeletal conditions; improving surgery and devices; and the conditions that come with ageing and end-of-life.

Reproduction and fertility

The National Perinatal Epidemiology & Statistics Unit (NPESU) is considered a leading international research group in infertility and assisted reproductive technologies.

Early life

The UNSW Early Life Course data platform comprises real-world population-based administrative and registry data on health, education and social services.


Our cardiovascular disease research uses multiple sources of big data, including hospital, Medicare and pharmaceutical records to tackle complex questions related to health care and systems.

Chronic disease

Chronic diseases affect almost half of the Australian population. Our research into chronic diseases uses multiple sources of big data to address complex issues in chronic diseases.


At the Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH), we address musculoskeletal conditions including osteoarthritis and back pain.

Surgery and devices

UNSW Medicine & Health Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) uses big data to improve surgery and the use of medical devices.

Ageing and end-of-life

We address key issues of importance to older people, their carers, health professionals and the wider community.

Mental health

Our research seeks to unlock the potential for data for good, by better understanding experiences and patterns of mental health and wellbeing, while balancing these potential benefits with strong privacy and data governance protections which respect the sensitivity of these data.