Our research

CBDRH Machine Learning Table

Research and partnerships for impact

The Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) actively fosters a broad community of researchers who are adept in advanced analytic methods, agile in adopting new techniques and who embody best practices in data security and privacy protection.

To ensure our research has real impact, the CBDRH are committed to an approach of research co-creation. Our partnerships involve academics, consumers and clinicians, as well as service and policy organisations. Together, we frame relevant research questions, create research designs that apply to real-world contexts and commit to implementing the research and its findings more broadly. 

Our research programs

Our research at the CBDRH tackles any health issue that can be informed through research using large-scale electronic data, improving health from conception through to end-of-life.

Our capabilities

Find cutting-edge researcher services and facilities for data analytics and big data. The CBDRH builds research capabilities in Australia and beyond through our expertise in diverse areas of big data research.

Postgraduate research

Undertaking postgraduate research at the UNSW Medicine & Health Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) will place you at the forefront of research applying cutting-edge analytics to health and medical big data to generate new insights and discoveries.