Fernando Sobral
PhD Student

Fernando Sobral

Centre for Marine Science and Innovation
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I am a PhD candidate in physical oceanography with a focus on regional processes, with a background in beach morphodynamics. Throughout my academic and professional experience, I have gained expertise in investigating various physical processes and spatio-temporal scales in coastal areas. Prior to my PhD studies, I worked in the industry as an oceanographer and data analyst. I have always been driven by my curiosity and fascination for the physics and natural dynamics that surround us, which has led me to explore different fields.

Project: Ocean heat transport driven by eddies in the East Australian Current System.

Supervised by: Supervisor: Moninya Roughan and Co-supervisor: Neil Malan

Project Description: My research project at the first stage aims to understand and characterize the intra-annual variability for the key physical variables, such as sea surface temperature, mixed layer depth, ocean heat content, and ocean heat transport in the East Australian Current System. To achieve this, I am using a multi-decadal high-resolution model which allows me to systematically explore the zonal, meriodional, and sub-surface variability of these key physical variables. The subsequent steps will focus on investigating the role of mesoscale eddies in the heat transport and the cross-shelf heat transport driven by them.

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