Fiona Robinson

Fiona Robinson

PhD Student
Evolution and Ecology Research Centre | Climate Change Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I've always loved learning about weird and wonderful things in nature and really enjoy having a good problem to try and solve.

I achieved my Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours from UNSW. My honours project assessed global deforestation and the subsequent impacts on plant species distributions.
I then worked in data management consulting for four years before deciding I missed research and casual chats about trees in the office.

I've then returned to UNSW for an industry PhD which means I'm working in collaboration with CSIRO and an industry partner Climate Friendly.

Project: Landscape dynamics of regenerating forests: Predicting climate change impacts on carbon-farming projects in Australian Rangelands

Supervised by: Daniel Falster, Andy Pitman, Stephen Roxburgh (CSIRO) and Andrew O'Reilly-Nugent (Industry Partner)

Project Description: I'm interested in learning about how Mulga trees (Acacia aneura) would grow under different conditions. For example if the intensity and/or frequency of droughts changed - how would that impact stand structure, growth rates, mortality rates etc. I do this using process-based models to run scenarios and then compare outcomes.

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