Clare Fletcher
PhD Student

Clare Fletcher

Australian Centre for Astrobiology
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Clare has completed an MPhil in BEES and is now undertaking a PhD in BEES. Their MPhil was on creating a roadmap for the effective conservation of the Pilbara stromatolite fossils, which are the oldest convincing evidence of life on Earth. Clare's PhD is on creating a conservation framework for Mars focussing on sites of astrobiological significance.

Project: Towards Active Conservation of Mars Geofeatures

Supervised by: Martin Van Kranendonk & Carol Oliver

Project Description: Clare's PhD will broach policy, law, planetary geology, planetary protection, and environmental management. Some key questions asked in the PhD are: How does the geography and geology of early life sites compare between Earth and Mars? How do we balance human exploration with adequate protection of scientifically important sites? What makes a site important enough to conserve? How is interplanetary policy enforced in a meaningful way?

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