Clare Fletcher

Clare Fletcher

PhD Student
Earth and Sustainability Science Research Centre & Australian Centre for Astrobiology
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Most of you will know me (I hope)! But I did an MPhil in BEES and am now doing my PhD here, and I'm also the HDR Rep. I have a big passion for science communication and a strong love of rocks. I also paint, cross-stitch and like being outdoors hiking or swimming!

Project: Clear and Present Danger: Understanding Risks to Outstanding Universal Geoheritage Values on Mars to Guide Proactive Policy

Supervised by: Martin Van Kranendonk & Carol Oliver

Project Description: My PhD seeks to understand what would determine if a site on Mars has geoheritage values, understand human factors affecting geoconservation on Mars, and develop geoconservation methodologies for geoheritage sites on Mars. An important concept in my PhD is balancing continued science and exploration with geoconservation, and how this is enacted in both practical and legal senses.

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M: 0432588980 

Fletcher, Clare (on behalf of the Space Generation Advisory Council), 2023. Clear and present danger: understanding risks to outstanding universal geoheritage values on Mars to guide proactive policy, 62nd Legal Subcommittee of the UN Committee of the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, March 27, Vienna, Austria. Accessible at <>