Connor Henderson

Connor Henderson

PhD Student
Centre for Marine Science and Innovation
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Connor is a PhD student in the Coastal and Regional Oceanography group led by Moninya Roughan. His research interests are physical oceanography, especially western boundary currents (like the East Australian Current) and the interactions of eddies within western boundary current systems. Connor uses computer models to represent the ocean so that he can further understand the dynamics of western boundary currents.

Project: Understanding eddy dynamics at the shelf-ocean interface in a western boundary current

Supervised by: Moninya Roughan, Shane Keating, Stephanie Waterman

Project Description: Connor is studying the mechanisms behind oceanic whirlpool (eddy) tilting in order to improve our understanding of the interactions of eddies with the shelf and the vertical structure of eddies. Eddy tilting is thought to play an important role in coastal dynamics on Australia's most populous coast.

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