Davey Dor

Davey Dor

PhD Student
Evolution and Ecology Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Hi I'm Davey! I completed my undergraduate and honours here at UNSW examining how parasitism may have shaped the life history strategies of the Australian Mud Whelk.

My interests are in thermal ecology, plasticity, evolution, animal behavior, and astrobiology. I previously studied video game design with a bit of computer science so I'm passionate about trying to encompass different and emerging technologies into conservation.

Outside of research, I enjoy bouldering and rock climbing, DnD, and on occasion knitting.

Project: Ecology & Conservation Management of Green Turtles on Heron Island

Supervised by: Lisa Schwanz and David Booth

Project Description: My research examines the effectiveness of conservation management strategies on the Heron Island Green Turtle population and how these strategies will affect sea turtle hatchlings in their development, behavior, and performance.

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