Hongyuan Chen

Hongyuan Chen

PhD Student
Evolution and Ecology Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I am Hongyuan Chen from China. I came to UNSW to study the evolution of invasive species. My previous research mainly regarded human genetics, therefore I am experienced in molecular biology.
During my spare time, I enjoy walking around and observe animals like snails or birds. Also, I love sports or travel, as well as music and reading.

Project: The role of genetic and epigenetic variation in the adaptation and evolution of invasive species in novel environments

Supervised by: Lee Ann Rollins (Primary); Russell Bonduriansky (Secondary)

Project Description: My project focuses on exploring how epigenetic variations facilitate the success of invasive species in new environments, compensating for low genetic diversity. I am particularly interested in understanding the inheritance patterns of epigenetic variations in non-mammalian species. Cane toad, a highly successful invasive amphibian, will serve as the ideal model for my research.

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