Josee Hart

Josee Hart

PhD Student
Centre for Marine Science and Innovation
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I am passionate about using ecology to improve restoration and management efforts for our coastal ecosystems. I completed my Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at UNSW in 2021. My honours project was focused on investigating the effects of neighbouring habitats on the biodiversity of experimental oyster reefs and was supervised by Prof Alistair Poore and Prof Paul Gribben. I started my PhD in June, 2022.

Project: The effects of species interactions and environmental context on the role of root-microbe associations in seagrass performance

Supervised by: Prof Paul Gribben, Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli and Dr Tim Glasby

Project Description: This project is focused on understanding whether intraspecific and interspecific interactions among seagrass species interact with plant root-microbiome associations to affect seagrass performance, and whether these effects change under different environmental conditions that occur at local and larger spatial scales.

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