Lyra Huang

Lyra Huang

PhD Student
Centre for Marine Science and Innovation and Evolution & Ecology Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I completed my bachelor's degree here at UNSW majoring in actuarial studies and science (statistics and marine science). I joined Tracey's lab at my honours year looking at migration patterns of blue whales in the Indian Ocean. I am interested in how marine mammals are adapting to the changing environment. In my spare time, I like to scuba dive and skydive.

Project: Vulnerability of Dugongs to Climate Change

Supervised by: Professor Tracey Rogers (Primary Supervisor), Associate Professor Alex Sen Gupta and Associate Professor Daniel Falster (Co-supervisors) 

Contact Details

Huang JL, Leroy EC, Truong G and Rogers TL (2022) Changes of Oceanic Conditions Drive Chagos Whale Migration Patterns in the Central Indian Ocean. Front. Mar. Sci. 9:843875. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.843875