Patrice Pottier

Patrice Pottier

PhD Student
Evolution and Ecology Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I did my BSc and MSc at the University of Tours (France) where I studied the evolution of aggressive behaviours in parasitoid wasps with Marlene Goubault and Anthony Mathiron. I then moved overseas and joined Ryan Earley’s lab at the University of Alabama (USA) for 8 months. In this project, I investigated fish behavioural and physiological responses to endocrine disrupting chemicals. I am now a PhD candidate investigating the responses of animals to rapid environmental change. I am looking for postdoctoral opportunities starting in 2024.

Project: Plasticity and adaptation of ectotherms to changing temperatures

Supervised by: Shinichi Nakagawa, Szymon Drobniak

Project Description: My PhD aims to investigate the responses of ectotherms to rapid environmental change. Particularly, I am eager to understand what drives the variation in animals' responses to environmental change, and assess the extent to which plasticity and adaptation can compensate for the impacts of climate change, I use a combination of data synthesis, meta-analysis, and laboratory experiments to address my questions in various species. By identifying species at risk of overheating, I hope my research can drive conservation efforts.

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