Ricardo Aravena
PhD Student

Ricardo Aravena

Centre for Ecosystem Science
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Project: Formalizing Satellite Imagery Interpretation for Ecological Deduction and Knowledge Transfer in Environmental Mapping and Monitoring

Supervised by: David Keith & Mitchell Lyons

Project Description: My research focuses on the simplification of remote sensing techniques to facilitate the transparency and communicability of ecological landscape mapping and monitoring. My approach utilizes satellite imagery interpretation keys and decision matrices and treats enhanced false colour imagery colour metrics as multivariate indicators and considers scalability, phenology and the requirements for classification scheme interoperability for global solutions.

Contact Details

E: r.aravena@student.unsw.edu.au

Aravena, R.A.; Lyons, M.B.; Roff, A.; Keith, D.A. A Colourimetric Approach to Ecological Remote Sensing: Case Study for the Rainforests of South-Eastern Australia. Remote Sens. 2021, 13.