Zih-Hong (Joe) Lin

Zih-Hong (Joe) Lin

PhD Student
Earth and Sustainability Science Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I have a background in geography and urban planning. I'm interested in applying spatial and remote sensing data to tackle complex spatial management issues. I'm enthusiastic about learning and incorporating new technologies in my research.

Project: Realizing Sustainable Development Goals 11: Establishing a Green Infrastructure Planning Model based on the Perspective of Environmental Efficiency – A case study of Tamsui River Basin, Taiwan

Supervised by: Shawn Laffan, Graciela Metternicht

Project Description: Climate change has caused various environmental risks, and green infrastructure implementation has been seen as a strategy for adaptation and mitigation. It is not uncommon that land, financial and human capitals are scarce, and henceforth there is a need to prioritize the location of green infrastructure to maximize multiple co-benefits at lower costs. This study aims to develop a green infrastructure planning model based on an environmental efficiency perspective for sustainable land management. The co-benefits provided by green infrastructure will be simulated, and the multiple co-benefits and costs will be integrated to compute the efficiency of future green infrastructure.

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