The Special Program in BEES - Undergraduate 6UoC (BEES0006) is a short theoretical or experimental research project supervised by a member of academic staff. The research project may encompass project planning, literature review, project development, fieldwork, experimental work, statistical analyses and oral and written reporting. Projects may also involve ‘placements’ outside UNSW, in the form of externally funded research programs, industrial placements or other programs either during usual session or in the session breaks. In these cases, students will require an academic member of staff to supervise the project.

Note: This course is restricted to students undertaking a major in the School of BEES. Enrolment in this course is by invitation and subject to availability of places, interested students should contact a suitable supervisor and the Director of Teaching.

How it works

Look for a BEES academic from Our people with common research interests and contact the academic to join their existing research team. Obtain confirmation from the academic to be your supervisor and secure a project name. Your supervisor will inform the Director of Teaching about BEES0006 enrolment. 

Students will write a short proposal following the guidelines for proposals in our honours program. The proposals will provide a short background on the topic, highlight the significance of the research, and outline the proposed methodology. The student's academic supervisor will provide written feedback.

Students will present their work at the end of the session to other students and academic supervisors in a seminar session. Students will be evaluated on the quality of their research and their presentations. Feedback will be given by the academics present and the course convenor.

Students will prepare a report in the form of a scientific paper on their research. Feedback will be given by the academic supervisor and a summative mark will be provided by the course coordinator.


Assessment type Assessment name Weighting (%)
Assignment Research proposal 35
Presentation Research seminar 15
Report Final report 50

Conditions for enrolment

School Consent required, see school contact below.

BEES0006 does not have a set timetable

Find out more

For more information, please contact:

Associate Professor | Director of Teaching 
Stephen Bonser

T: +61 2 9385 3863
E: s.bonser@unsw.edu.au