The UNSW Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources (BIOS6671) course covers applications of community ecology, population biology and genetics. It also looks at the management of natural resources, environmental problems and the conservation of biodiversity.

The course focuses on lectures and practical exercises where you’ll learn to synthesise biological information and produce adaptive management plans. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from academic and industry professionals about the challenges and opportunities presented by captive breed-for-release programs. By focusing on the Greater bilby program at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, students gain exposure to a range of conservation research techniques.

Throughout the course, you’ll explore fundamental concepts of conservation and management, using examples from terrestrial and marine flora and fauna. You’ll cover a range of topics including biodiversity, natural resource management, sustainable development, ecosystem services, and conservation technology. Part of your study will focus on the importance of global biological diversity and the design and management of conservation programs.

The course aims to:

  • Impart an understanding of the scope of conservation biology, from short- term to long-term management, from single species to ecosystems across different geographical scales, from locally to internationally.
  • Teach students how to find and evaluate all biological information that might be relevant in a conservation management program.
  • Introduce the social and legal aspects of conservation.
  • Demonstrate methods to synthesise biological and other information, make decisions, then produce adaptive action plans or threatened species recovery reports.
  • Provide an understanding and practical exposure to the current ‘tools of the trade.’

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