BIOS9231 Research Internship in Marine Terrestrial Conservation (6UoC) is a course taught over two consecutive terms. Students must enrol in two consecutive terms and complete a total of 12UoC. The course provides training in the basic skills required for conservation research through internship within a research group in the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

Enrolment is by School Consent, students can not self-enrol.

The internship will provide intensive, hands on training in aspects of scientific research relevant to conservation, combining some or all of the following elements:

a) experimental design

b) literature searches

c) field and lab techniques

d) data analysis and modelling

e) scientific writing.

Assessment is based on attendance in the lab and field, development of analytical and presentation skills, and a substantial literature review. The review topic will be selected by the student in consultation with the Course Authority and will cover a conservation topic relevant to the research group, or a species or ecosystem the research group is studying. A list of potential projects and supervisors can be obtained through the Course Authority Prof. Iain Suthers. Each student must develop their own program in consultation and collaboration with the Academic supervisor, ideally involving exposure to a broad cross-section of the elements involved in scientific research. This could include interaction with municipal and state government, community groups and appropriate industry bodies for possible projects. The program includes compulsory attendance at weekly school seminars and a limited number of classes aimed at developing research skills.

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For more information, please contact Professor Iain Suthers.


T: + 61 2 9385 2065

School Consent is required for enrolment, students can not self-enrol. Please contact Iain if you are interested in taking up BIOS9231.