Plant ecology and evolution researches the evolutionary, population and community approaches to domestic plants and introduced species. At UNSW, you’ll have the chance to study plants in relation to the impact of climate change, geographic location, rising CO2 levels and more.

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Ecology and conservation of Nitella partita

Long thought to be extinct, Nitella partita is a macroscopic green alga (charophyte) that was rediscovered in freshwater temporary wetlands of the Paroo river. Supervisor: Dr Mark Ooi

How does rising CO2 affect seeds & seedling performance?

In this project, you’ll investigate whether increased maternal CO2 levels during seed development affects subsequent seed offspring protein content, their germination and seedling performance. Supervisor: Dr Mark Ooi

Large-scale ecosystem regeneration at Fowlers Gap

Be part of the regeneration of Fowlers Gap Arid Zone station. Supervisor: Dr Keith Leggett or others