Dr Alexandra Clare Walker
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Dr Alexandra Clare Walker

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Dr Alexandra Walker is a lecturer and researcher in leadership and human connection at the Centre for Social Impact (UNSW Sydney). Alexandra is the lecturer-in-charge of two postgraduate courses: Leadership for Social Impact and Leading Change for Sustainability. Alexandra is the author of Get Conscious: How to Stop Overthinking & Come Alive (Hay House, 2017) and Collective Consciousness & Gender (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). She presented at TEDxUNSW in September 2018 and is a contributor to The House of Wellness TV program on Channel 7 Australia. She also features on a variety of Australia radio programs including ABC Radio National. Alexandra speaks regularly for companies, organisations and schools about leadership, connection and well-being. Alexandra has a PhD in Socio-Legal Studies from the Australian National University. Alexandra completed a Master’s degree in International Law and International Relations and undergraduate degrees in Arts and Law (with Merit) at UNSW Sydney. Alexandra also has a Graduate Diploma in Integral Coaching.

Centre for Social Impact Room 511, Level 5 West Wing UNSW Business School Kensington


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    Dr Alexandra Clare Walker
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    Books | 2017
    Dr Alexandra Clare Walker
    Walker A, 2017, Get Conscious How to Stop Overthinking and Come Alive, Hay House, Inc
    Book Chapters | 2015
    Dr Alexandra Clare Walker
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  • Reports | 2017
    Dr Alexandra Clare Walker
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