Headshot of Ali Shamakhy
Senior Software Engineer

Alireza Shamakhy

Arts, Design & Architecture
City Futures Research Centre

Alireza (Ali) Shamakhy is a qualified software engineer lead with many years of experience in managing, designing, and implementing applications and databases across business-critical projects. Having extensive experience in software project management, infrastructure management, software architecture, design and implementation with different methodologies and the latest technologies. Ali worked in different industries such as Government, Banking, and Academia and worked on projects from medium to large scale. Completely understand software development life cycle (SDLC), agile software project management and cloud computing.

He manages infrastructure, design & deliver software and tools for the research centre. This includes a wide range of web-based tools for Geospatial, Urban Planning and IoT projects such as City Data Analytics Dashboards, Australian Housing Data Analytics Platform, IoT City Censor Dashboards and Colouring Cities websites, all hosted in AWS.