Dr Amy Bestman

Doctor of Philosophy - Deakin University (2019)

Thesis title: Pathways to Electronic Gambling Machine Venues in New South Wales

Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

Dr Amy Bestman is a lecturer in the School of Population Health. Dr Bestman is an early career researcher with a specialisation in public health and implementation science. Since obtaining their PhD in 2019, they have worked in a range of research and non-research roles in the areas of community mental health, violence and injury prevention, alcohol harm reduction, and health services implementation. Through this work, they have extensive experience conducting qualitative interviews with a range of key consumer groups, including culturally diverse communities, public health experts, children, young adults, women, and individuals experiencing gambling harm. They have worked with key government sectors including Ministry of Health departments in the Western Pacific to support, advocate for and implement health interventions.

School of Population Health Level 3, Samuels Building, Gate 11, Botany Street, UNSW Kensington campus