Dr Belinda Dunstan

Dr Belinda Dunstan

Doctor of Philosophy, UNSW Australia Art & Design, Creative Robotics Lab
Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), UNSW Australia Art & Design
Bachelor of Art Education, UNSW Australia Art & Design

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment

Belinda Dunstan is a Lecturer in the UNSW Faculty of Built Environment. She received her PhD from the UNSW Art & Design Creative Robotics Lab, and is the Human Futures Lead for the lab.
Belinda is the Course Convenor for Interior Architecture: Critical Perspectives and Computational Design: Human-Machine Interaction.
Her current research interests are in social robot morphology, technology ethics and designing for diversity. Belinda’s research focuses on the appearance design, movement planning and future cultural implications of social robots. She is a co-editor of Cultural Robotics: robots as participants and creators of culture (Springer, 2016).

Faculty of Built Environment 2009 Red Centre Building
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UNSW Built Environment Early Career Research Grant (2021)
CoBuild 4.0 in collaboration with Landom NSW (2018)
UNSW Faculty Travel Grant (2015)
UNSW Faculty Travel Grant (2014)
Australian Postgraduate Award (2014–2017)
UNSW Isenberg Award for Excellence in Sculpture (2013)

UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment Dean’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (Sessional Staff) (2015)
UNSW CATEI Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance (2016: S1)
UNSW CATEI Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance (2015: S1, S2)
UNSW CATEI Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance (2014: S1, S2)



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