Dr Christin Schulze

Dr Christin Schulze

School of Psychology

I am a Lecturer in Computational Cognitive Science at the School of Psychology.

My research seeks to understand the cognitive processes that give rise to adaptive and intelligent behaviour in an uncertain, changing world and across the lifespan. In particular, my research focuses on three core questions. First, when and how do adaptive strategies for inference and decision making develop during childhood (e.g., Schulze & Hertwig, 2022; Schulze, Hertwig, & Pachur, 2021)? Second, how does first-hand experience with the probabilistic structure of the world influence people’s judgements and decisions (e.g., Schulze & Hertwig, 2021; Schulze, van Ravenzwaaij, & Newell, 2015, 2017)? And third, how do the cognitive strategies of individuals for dealing with uncertainty differ from those of groups in social contexts (e.g., Schulze, Gaissmaier, & Newell, 2020; Schulze & Newell, 2015, 2016)? These topics represent core competencies of human cognition, with important implications for understanding behaviour in the real world, such as making decisions when navigating avalanche terrain (Stephensen, Schulze, Landrø, Hendrikx, & Hetland, 2021) or addressing societal challenges arising in educational contexts (Schulze, Hertwig, & Weyland, 2021).

School of Psychology, 712 Mathews Building
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  • Conference Papers | 2022
    Hecht M; Pachur T; Schulze C, 2022, 'Does Social Sampling Differ Between Online and Offline Contacts? A Computational Modeling Analysis', in Proceedings of the 44th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society: Cognitive Diversity, CogSci 2022, pp. 319 - 325
    Conference Papers | 2017
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