Professor Cordelia Selomulya

Professor Cordelia Selomulya

B.Eng.  (Chemical Engineering)  First Class Honours and the University Medal, The University of New South Wales, 1998
Ph.D.    (Chemical Engineering), The University of New South Wales, 2002

School of Chemical Engineering

Professor Cordelia Selomulya joined UNSW as a Professor (Food & Health) in the School of Chemical Engineering and as a Research & Commercialisation Director of the Future Food Systems CRC. Prior to joining UNSW, she was an ARC Future Fellow at Monash University, leading the Biotechnology and Food Engineering group with an internationally recognised reputation in particle engineering and drying technology research, particularly for food and dairy applications. She was the director of the Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Future Dairy Manufacturing, a joint strategic initiative funded by the Australian and Chinese governments, and industry partners in both countries, including Bega, Saputo Dairy Australia, Fonterra, Gardiner Foundation, COFCO, and Mengniu Dairy. She was also the director of Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) for the Food and Dairy industry at Monash University. She is a chartered engineer and was elected as Fellow of the IChemE in 2016. In 2020, she was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE)

+61 2 9385 6243
Science and Engineering Building (E8), Room 501
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  • ARC DP200100642 Towards New Functionality in Dairy Ingredients
  • ARC IH140100035 Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology
  • ARC LE200100132 A Triple Beam Microscope: new frontiers in materials nano characterisation
  • Improving fat encapsulation in non-dairy creamers, Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.V.
  • Towards scaling up the production of functional Mg-based particles via spray drying for nutraceutical applications, Future Food Systems Ltd and EcoMag Ltd
  • Improving the functional properties of plant-based food products, Future Food Systems Ltd and Sanitarium Health Food Company

 Professional Awards

  • Elected to join The Women’s Circle (2018-2019), a career enrichment program for 50 emerging female leaders, aimed at the best and brightest women across Melbourne’s vibrant business landscape.
  • IChemE Global Awards in Food and Drink category (2018)
  • BHERT (Business & Higher Education Round Table) Award for outstanding collaboration in R&D for the Monash Program for the Food and Dairy industries (2018)
  • Fonterra Award for outstanding contribution in the industrial application of a novel technology in the field of bioprocessing (2017)
  • Judy Raper Award for Leadership in recognition of sustained and significant contribution through demonstrated leadership within the discipline/profession in Australia (2017).  
  • Young Food Engineer Award at the 12th International Conference on Engineering and Food (2015) in Québec City, Canada.
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision (2015), and the Special Commendation for the Vice-Chancellor Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision (2015). 
  • The Australia-China Young Researchers Exchange Program (YREP) Fellow (2013), a joint initiative funded by the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and awarded to 16 Australian researchers with the potential to become leaders in the research community through collaboration with China. 
  • Monash Research Accelerator program (2013-2014), awarded to top performing researchers at Monash University with the potential to become future leaders in their field. 
  • Selected into the prestigious Japan East Asia Network (JENESYS) Programme for Future Business Counterparts from Australia(2009). 
  • Chemical Engineering Science Most Cited Article Award for 2003-2006 (2006). 
  • Young Researcher Award, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (2003).

Professor Selomulya is the deputy chair of the Research and Innovation Community of Practice (R&I CoP) of the IChemE. She has chaired the Research Working Group of IChemE with members from chemical engineering schools across Australian universities since 2018, to promote chemical engineering as a profession and their societal impact via Chemical Engineering Impact in Australia.

She is the executive editor (Australia) for Advanced Powder Technology (2018 - now), editor of Particuology (2019 - now) and was the chief editor for the Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers (APCChE) special issue in 2016. She was a special guest editor for the Journal of Food Engineering (2013) and was the technical chair for the APCChE Conference (2015). She was the theme leader for Food Engineering for Nutrition and Health at the 13thInternational Conference on Engineering and Food (2019). 

She was the president for the Australasian Particle Technology Society (2012-2019) and has organised student conferences for the society (2013, 2015, 2018). She was an invited reviewer for grant applications from national and international funding bodies (Australian Research Council, A*Star Singapore, Science Foundation Ireland, European Research Council, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, etc).  She was the chair of the Nutraceutical and Functional Foods (NFF) Division of the Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) (2018-2019) and has been involved in the NFF leadership committee (2015-now). She is an appointed member of the Division Champion Team of the IFT (2019-now), working across the 24 Divisions to encourage joint collaboration and the future direction of IFT. 

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Lab Notes podcast: Thought for Food 

Since 2019, Cordelia has been serving as the Director of Research and Commercialisation at the Future Food Systems CRC, where she is helping Australia rethink the way we grow, process and export a wide variety of food and nutritional products.

My Research Supervision

Woojeong Kim

Rishi Ravindra Naik

Deepa Dahal

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FOOD8450 Advanced Food Engineering

FOOD3801 Unit Operations in Food Processing