Dr Deanne Jenkin

Postdoctoral Fellow

 Doctor of Philosophy (medicine), Master of Clinical Trials Research, Bachelor of Science (biological) 

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Deanne is a scientist and post-doctoral research fellow at UNSW Medicine & Health. She has had a long association with UNSW with experience in clinical trials & orthopaedic research and commenced working as a formal part of the St George and Sutherland Campuses of the School of Clinical Medicine in 2023. She holds an undergraduate degree in science (biological, microbiology) and higher degrees in clinical trials research and a PhD in medicine. As an early career researcher, she has secured ~$5M (MRFF, NHMRC, SIRA, UNSW, RHRF) in grant funding (CI/AI), including as Chief Investigator of two musculoskeletal clinical trials and a southwest sydney clinical school postgraduate scholarship. Her thesis explored the benefits and harms of opioid use in orthopaedic surgery, investigating prescription opioid use and dependence in orthopaedic trauma and end-stage osteoarthritis populations, then developed and tested, a novel pain management approach, the "less-is-more" approach, for fracture surgery.


Reducing Opioids After fracture Discharge (ROAD) 

Early Pain Intervention after Knee Replacement (EPIK)

A randomised control trial of mild opioids versus strong opioids for the management of post-discharge pain after surgical fracture management 

Opioid dependence in orthopaedic trauma patients


UNSW South West Sydney Clinical School Postgraduate Scholarship