Dr Di He
Research Associate

Dr Di He

PhD (ANU), B.E (Hon) (ANU)

UNSW Canberra
School of Engineering & IT

I obtained my PhD degree at the Australian National University where I investigated novel recycling strategies to improve the reuse potential and environmental performance of recycled carbon fibre in the automotive industry. During my PhD, I worked at the Research and Innovation Centre of Ford Motor Company in the U.S. to develop and evaluate the use of recycled materials in vehicle production. As a Research Associate at UNSW Canberra, I am now researching the dynamic impacts of technological transitions such as electrification, lightweighting and shared mobility on the auto material flows and the sustainability aspects of the vehicle fleet. I am broadly passionate about research that enhances sustainability and circular economy in the rapidly transforming transportation sector.

  • 2021: Recipient of the LEO Award for the Best Paper at the 28th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering

In the Media:

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