Dr Elnaz Irannezhad

Dr Elnaz Irannezhad

Senior Lecturer

PhD, the University of Queensland, 2018

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation

Dr Elnaz (Elli) Irannezhad is as a Senior Lecturer of transport in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Elli's research contributes to the advancement of science in cross-disciplinary fields, including logistics, supply chain and freight transportation, agent-based modelling, Mobility and Logistics as a Service, automated vehicles, and blockchain technology. Elli endeavours her research closely with the industry to ensure a good alignment with the real-world needs and industry uptake.

She received her PhD at the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Queensland (UQ) (2014-2017). Prior to that, she worked in the transport industry as a senior transport engineer in Iran for nine years. Her PhD was on behavioural freight transport modelling in which she contributed to the field of behavioural agent-based modelling and operation research. From 2017 to 2020, she completed a three-year postdoctoral research fellowship at UQ’s Business Faculty on a partnership project with the Port of Brisbane. Throughout her postdoctoral project, she focused on the application of blockchain for port logistics, where she examined different blockchain-based enterprise archeitectures and their suitability considering port logistics. From 2020 to 2022, she acted as a Principal Engineer and the Portfolio Leader of Next Generation Transport Systems at the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) where she led several projects in automated driving technologies and sensors, infrastructure readiness for autonomous vehicles, smart heavy vehicle access monitoring and heavy vehicle origin-destination modelling. 

Please visit her Research Portfolio for more details.

Civil Engineering Building (H20), Room 105, Kensington Campus
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Research interests:

  • Agent-based freight transport modelling
  • Behavioural transport modelling
  • Blockchain, Logistics 4.0, IoT, and digital supply chain
  • Automated trucks and heavy vehicles
  • Decarbonising heavy vehicle industry and hydrogen fuel cell trucks
  • Circular economy and supply chain
  • Decision Support Systems

Elli is the co-chair of the Bridging Transport Researchers (BTR) Conference, and the guest editor of BTR Special issue of the Journal of Transport Planning and Technology. BTR is an online free peer-reviewed conference for connecting transport researchers around the globe and aims to remove the burden of travel and obtaining visa, the cost of registration, & greenhouse gases associated with transport & accommodations. The first round was run in 2019 and after COVID, it has continued every year. Elli is an Associate of the Australian Human Rights Institute of UNSW and engages in human rights activities and projects.

My Teaching

  • CVEN1400: Engineering Infrastructure Systems
  • CVEN9421: Transport Logistics Engineering
  • CVEN3402: Transport and Highway Engineering
  • CVEN4701: Sustainable Infrastructure