Associate Professor Hoa Nguyen
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Hoa Nguyen

PhD (The University of Queensland),

MTesol(The University of Queensland),

Med (RMIT)

Graduate Certificate In Research Commercialization (The University of Queensland)

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Education

Dr Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen (PhD, University of Queensland, Australia) is  an Associate Professor  and Post-Graduate Research  Coordinator in the School of Education, specialising in teacher education/development, mentoring, TESOL and sociocultural theory.  Prior to this position, she worked at the University of Sydney where she was awarded the prestigious and highly competitive University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowship to pursue her research interests.  Her research excellence has been recognised by a number of awards such as  Research Recognition Award for Early Career Researchers (ATEA); Endeavor Fellowship Award. Being active in research allows her to incorporate her research interests into teaching to create an intellectually engaging, and challenging learning environment. She enjoys working with teachers, in their role as mentors to student teachers and early career teachers and has a strong commitment and passion to develop teachers’ professional learning.   She has also held visiting and honorary positions at University of Sydney, Kings' College London, University of Leeds, and University of Oxford.

+61 2 9385 8349
G37 Morven Brown,
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    Reports | 2018
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    Reports | 2018
    Nguyen H; Ngo N; Bui T; Trang N, 2018, An exploration of teacher resilience in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam

 Funded projects

  1. The impact of training listening skills on EFL learners in Taiwan   2008
  2. Preservice teachers’ professional learning during the professional experience  2012
  3. Beginning teachers’ professional learning needs and practice  2016
  4. Cross countries study of beginning teachers’ professional learning experiences : Australia and Canada 2015
  5. A comparative study between the UK and Australia of preservice teachers’ learning during their practicum  2018
  6. Supervising Teachers Application of the Graduate Teaching Standards to the Assessment of Professional Experience in Education  2017
  7. Teachers' resilience in the context of Vietnam. 2018
  8. Needs and gaps encountered by employers in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam 2018
  9.  Developing mentors' standards 2020
  10. School-university partnership in teacher education  2020-2021
  11.  Developing preservice teacher leadership  2020-2021
  12.  Teacher professional development for Content and language integrated learning  Teachers in Vietnam (2020-2022)

2021 Outstanding Supervision Award, UNSW Postgraduate Council

2020 Vice-Chancellor's  Award for Excellence in Higher Research Degree Supervision 

2019 Visiting Scholar, University of Oxford, UK

2019 Visiting Scholar,  University of Leeds, UK

2018 Visiting Scholar, Kings' College  London , UK 

2018 Endeavour Award , Aust. Govt.

2018 Shortlisted for 2018 Dean’s Award for Best Monograph by an Early Career Researcher.

2017 ACE Sutherland St George Region World Teachers Day Award from the Australian College of Educators for significant contributions to the professional learning of teachers and preservice teachers

2017: Vice-Chancellor’s Childcare Support Fund for Women Researchers

2017: Shortlisted for the Dean’s Award for Early Career Researcher Achievement

2016  Early Career Researcher Grant (School of Education, UNSW)

2013 : Research Recognition Award for  Early Career Researcher by Australian Teacher Education Association

2011: The N V Varghese Prize for Comparative Education

2010: Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence 2010 (Outstanding PhD thesis), The University of Queensland.

2010: Commercialisation Training Scheme (CTS) support and grant, Graduate School, The University of Queensland

2009: Postgraduate Research Conference Publication Award 2009, School of Education, The University of Queensland

2008: English Speaking Union Fund (Grant), Victoria, Australia

2006: Vietnam National University (VNU) Young Lecturer Excellence issued by Director of VNU

2006: Postgraduate Research Scholarship at The University of Queensland (PhD degree)

2007: Travel Grant- The 1st Korea English Teachers Associations Joint Conference &  ETAK International Conference

2004: International RMIT scholarship (MA degree)

2002: Queensland University Scholarship (MA degree)

2001: Toyota Foundation Scholarship  Award


Current projects

  • Cross countries study of beginning teachers’ professional learning experiences : Australia and Canada
  • Developing mentors' standards
  • Teacher's professional readiness 
  • Service-learning in teacher education 


Dr  Hoa Nguyen  is in the editorial team of  Asian EFL journal, and  Current Issues in Language Planning.

Dr Hoa Nguyen works as an Associate Editor for  The Asia Pacific Education Researcher 

My Research Supervision

  • Le  Duc Manh (completed): English primary teachers exercise their agency in response to a new language policy: A case study of Vietnam. Manh Le received Russell N. Campbell Award 2015 for his research in language planning and policy
  • Lisa Gilanyi (completed) : Transnational sojourners and language investment: a multi case study of spouses of international students.(completed).  Lisa Gilanyi received Michael Clyne Prize 2020 for the best postgraduate research thesis
  • Panya Akkaraputtapong (completed):  The effects of teacher psychological types on the preferences of supervisory options and behaviours.
  •  Tram Phan (completed)  teachers’ responses to curriculum changes in language education in Vietnam
  • Tatik Tatik: Mentoring beginning teachers in the context of Indonesia.  Tatik  also received  a research grant (2020) funded by NSW Institute for Educational Research 
  • Current Candidates 
  •  Kelli Cato:  Principals understanding and use of professional teacher standards to identify teacher quality
  • Rodrigo F. Arellano : Language Teacher Education in Chile.  Rodrigo received HDR Publication Incentive Award 2020.
  • Jade Rushby (Scientia PhD candidate):   Designing a responsive needs-based staffing system for NSW Schools
  • Andrew Kingsford-Smith (Scientia PhD candidate): Teacher motivation
  • Tanya Kwee : I’ve Landed but I Won’t Teach Anymore - Career Choices of Overseas-trained Immigrant Teachers with Permanent Residency. Tanya received U21 Graduate Collaborative Research Awards 2021, 2022 ADA HDR Research Output Award
  • Dianne Quarmby: Career development and leadership opportunities for second career teachers
  •   Fernandita Gusweni Jayanti   Investigating Teacher Cognition in Motivating Reading Instruction: A Multiple Case Study on Indonesian Teachers
  • WENDI WIJARWADI:    Challenges and Opportunity of Teacher Professional Collaboration in Indonesia: An Insight from Organizational Learning Framework
  • Vahid Bahrami    A/ELD teachers' identity development 
  • Nina Inayati : Self-regulated learning strategies in teaching English in higher education in Indonesia 
  • Catherine (Kate) Colgan: Mid career teachers' development 




My Teaching

EDST 5127          Coaching and Mentoring in Educational Leadership

EDST 5117           Professional Inquiry 

EDST5325             Advanced TESOL Professional Practice