Dr Johanna Perheentupa

Dr Johanna Perheentupa


MA (University of Turku, Finland) PhD (UNSW)

Faculty of DVC Academic
NG Academic Programs

Johanna's research interests are in the area of Australian colonial and Indigenous histories, including both Indigenous rights and settler colonial engagement with Indigenous peoples. Johanna’s recent publication Redfern: Aboriginal Activism in the 1970s, by Aboriginal Studies Press, explores the ways in which local Aboriginal organisations pursued self-determination in the diverse fields of law, health, arts and culture, education and housing.She is currently working on community-led project that aims to record and make public the history of the Freedom Rides from the perspective of the Walgett Aboriginal Community.

+61-2-9065 9434
Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Balnaves Place LG15 Electrical Engineering (G17)
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  • Remembering the Freedom Rides to Walgett, a community-led project in collaboration with Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Ltd. The project aims to record and make public the history of these Freedom Rides from the perspective of the Walgett Aboriginal Community. The research is used for a website together with a public art display at the centre of the town (directly opposite the RSL) commemorating the Freedom Rides, which identify significant events and local Aboriginal people who had a key role in the protests against segregation in Walgett.

My Research Supervision

Julian Garcia, Disputed Identity: Settler colonialism and the representation of Aboriginal artists and Aboriginal art of south-eastern Australia, 1880 to 1992

My Teaching

Indigenous Material Culture: Objects and Their Journeys (ATSI2003)

Australian Indigenous Political History (ATSI2011)

Indigenous Histories in the Colonial World (ATSI3017)