Dr Maria Veronica Chandra-Hioe
Consultancies and Vendor Staff

Dr Maria Veronica Chandra-Hioe

School of Chemical Engineering

Postdoctoral research associate for the ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Food Manufacture (School of Chemical Engineering), my research areas are:

  • analysis of vitamins and minerals in food using microbiological assays, HPLC and LC-MS/MS
  • optimisation and development of analytical methods for qualitative and quantitative determination of vitamins
  • bioaccessibility study of nutrients and anti-nutritional compounds
  • in vitro uptake/transport study of nutrients (Caco-2 cells absorption model)
  • functionalities and properties of food ingredients
  • processing of legumes to enhance vitamins contents
Science and Engineering Building (E8)
  • Journal articles | 2020
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    Journal articles | 2020
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    Journal articles | 2019
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    Journal articles | 2018
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    Journal articles | 2018
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    Journal articles | 2017
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    Journal articles | 2017
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    Journal articles | 2017
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    Journal articles | 2016
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    Journal articles | 2016
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    Journal articles | 2014
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