Mr Nicolas Legrand

Mr Nicolas Legrand

Research Officer

Master of International Public Health/Master of Public Health, The University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Arts and Science (Honours), The University of Sydney

Medicine & Health
The Kirby Institute

Nicolas is a PhD candidate and research officer in the Global Health Program, and the Surveillance Evaluation and Research Program. After five years of working in microbiology research and teaching at the University of Sydney, Nicolas completed a dual MIPH/MPH at UNSW specializing in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control. He then completed an internship with the World Health Organization in the Philippines focused on strengthening the national hepatitis B surveillance system. Nicolas works across a number of research projects at the Kirby Institute, which include producing epidemiological reports on the outbreak of infectious Syphilis among Aboriginal communities, enhancing the surveillance of HTLV-1 in Australia, and investigating outbreaks of COVID-19 in correctional facilities. He is also an investigator on an Australia-first longitudinal cohort study aimed at evaluating the impact of HTLV-1 infection on morbidity and mortality among remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. 




Legrand N, McGregor S, Bull R, Bajis S, Valencia BM, Ronnachit A, Einsiedel L, Gessain A, Kaldor J, Martinello M. Clinical and Public Health Implications of Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 Infection. Clin Microbiol Rev. 2022 Apr 20;35(2):e0007821. doi: 10.1128/cmr.00078-21. Epub 2022 Feb 23. PMID: 35195446; PMCID: PMC8941934.


Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1: technical report. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2021. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO.

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