Nicole Ee
Research Students

Nicole Ee

Postgraduate Research Student

Bio: Nicole Ee is a PhD student at UNSW and NeuRA, and 2019 Westpac Future Leaders Scholar. Her research seeks to explore the relationship between social engagement, wellbeing and cognition in older adulthood. More broadly, she is interested in how infrastructure, community, and individual and societal expectations of ageing impact on meaningful participation into late life.

Research areas: Ageing; Cognition; Dementia prevention; Mental health and wellbeing


Journal Articles

Peters, R., Ee, N., Peters, J., Beckett, N., Booth, A., Rockwood, K., & Anstey, K. J. (2019). Common risk factors for major noncommunicable disease, a systematic overview of reviews and commentary: the implied potential for targeted risk reduction. Therapeutic advances in chronic disease, 10, 2040622319880392

Anstey, K. J., Ee, N., Eramudugolla, R., Jagger, C., & Peters, R. (2019). A systematic review of meta-analyses that evaluate risk factors for dementia to evaluate the quantity, quality, and global representativeness of evidence. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, (Preprint), 1-21.

Peters, R., Ee, N., Peters, J., Booth, A., Mudway, I., & Anstey, K. J. (2019). Air Pollution and Dementia: A Systematic Review. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, (Preprint), 1-19.

Book Chapters

Anstey, K.J., Kiely, K.M., & Ee, N. (2020). Cognitive and mental health expectancies. In Jagger, C., Crimmins, E. M., van Oyen, H., Robine, J. M., & Saito, Y. (Eds.), International Handbook of Health Expectancies. Springer.