Dr Rebecca Koncz

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Medicine & Health
Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing

Dr Koncz (MBBS(Hons), MPsychiatry, FRANZCP) is a neuropsychiatrist and PhD candidate with the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, UNSW Sydney. She works clinically with Sydney Local Health District and is a Senior Lecturer with the Discipline of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Sydney. Her research is primarily in the neuroimaging of brain ageing, particularly structural magnetic resonance imaging and amyloid positron emission tomography (PET). In 2017, she was awarded a fulltime Health, Education and Training Institute Fellowship in Psychiatric Research and commenced her PhD with CHeBA; she is investigating the genetic and environmental determinants of amyloid burden as measured by amyloid PET in the Older Australian Twins Study cohort.

And addition to neuroimaging, Dr Koncz has research interests in the field of clinical neuropsychiatry, including the validation of a unified drug-induced movement disorders scale. She is also a member of the “motivation” taskforce for the Human Affectome Project, an international collaborative effort to develop a robust functional model for emotions.

Meet Our Researcher
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