Professor Tracie Barber

Professor Tracie Barber

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering






My research group works in the area of vascular fluid dynamics. We work closely with local hospitals, including Prince of Wales, Royal Hospital for Women and Concord Hospital, and also with local medical companies,

Our research includes work on the blood flow in stenosed and stented arteries (including bifurcations), hemodialysis, myocardial bridging and we also have developed new methodologies for surgical trainers and ultrasound imaging.

Please see our (under construction) website for more information on the research:

and contact me if you are interested in learning more about our research, or working with us.

Tracie Barber.




Our research is a combination of computational and experimental work, using the following facilities.


Most of our research is conducted using ANSYS CFX or Fluent, and we also make use of Amira, COMSOL and Tecplot. In order to run our models, we have access to these computational resources:


A cluster based in the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, comprising PowerEdge R815 2U rack-mounted server chassis and motherboard, four AMD Opteron 6272 2.1GHz 16-core 1600MHz processors and 128GB (16 × 8GB) 1600MHz dual-rank RDIMM memory. Trentino runs the Rocks clustering platform on top of CentOS Linux.


Leonardi is a medium-sized High Performance Computing cluster designed to be used for post-graduate and research purposes within the Faculty of Engineering. It currently consists of 2,944 AMD Opteron 6174 2.20GHz processor cores, with a total of 5.8TB of physical memory (essentially 2GB of memory per core) and 100TB of usable disk storage. Leonardi runs the Rocks clustering platform on top of CentOS Linux.

Intersect user group u67

We also make use of Intersect computing facilities, including:

Raijin, a high-performance cluster with 57,472 cores (Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge 2.6 GHz), Mellanox FDR interconnect, 160 Tbytes of main memory, 10 Pbytes of useable fast filesystem, running the OneSIS cluster manager, and the PBS Pro workflow manager.

Orange, a SGI 30+ Tflop distributed memory cluster with 100 cluster nodes with 1600 cores powered by the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processor series. It also includes 200TB local scratch disk space, 101TB of usable shared storage delivering 25TFlops.



Our laboratory is based in J18 Willis Annexe, L205. Our main equipment includes:

Dantec 3D Laser Doppler Anemometry/Phase Doppler (LDA) System

Tomographic LaVision Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) System

Mini-LDA system

Dantec 2D Laser Doppler Anemometry/Phase Doppler (LDA) System

Ekspla Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) System

ILA Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) System

LaVision Micro-Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) System

2x continuous Nd-YAG lasers

3x He-Ne Lasers

Portable smoke machines

Phantom High Speed Camera

Nikon Eclipse TE2000 epifluorescence microscope

Human Airway rig

Stenosis rig

Arterio-venous-fistula rig

Dialysis needle flow rig

Aorta-renal ostium rig (2D)

Aorta-renal ostium rig (3D)

Drug-eluting stent rig




+61 2 9385 4081
Ainsworth Building (J17) Level 4, Room 401A Kensington Campus
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