Dr Xue Bai

Dr Xue Bai

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D, UNSW Law & Justice

LLM, LLB, Beijing Jiaotong University

Law & Justice
China Intl Business & Econ Law

Dr Xue (Sophia) Bai has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree at UNSW Law in 2021, where she conducted doctrinal research on the ‘Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises: What China can Learn from the Practice of Competitive Neutrality Policy in Australia.’ Her thesis has been co-awarded the Concurrences 2022 Law PhD. Thesis Award, which aims to identify and publish notable works of research which explore specific topics within the realms of competition and regulation law or economic law.

Prior to commencing her PhD degree, Dr Bai was awarded her LLB and LLM degrees in Law at Beijing Jiaotong University. Dr Bai’s current research is in the area of competition law and policy. Her recent co-authored article is published in the International and Comparative Law Quarterly.


2022 Concurrences Law PhD. Awards

My Teaching

Legal Research and Writing: Australian Law (LAWS2277/JURD7272)

Legal Research & Writing (LAWS1055)

Legal Concepts, Research and Writing (LAWS8213) 

Foundations of Private Law (LAWS8150)