We like to make entry to UNSW as straightforward as possible.

You may be able to transfer credit for subjects you have already studied. When applying, be sure to include certified copies of your academic transcripts. 

Credit transfer

Domestic students

If you gain entry into a program at UNSW, you may be eligible for credit for courses (subjects) studied at another institution. To be awarded these credits, UNSW would need to assess the courses or combination of courses as equivalent to UNSW courses. Credit transfer is also known as 'advanced standing'.

International students

If you’re applying to study at UNSW via a UNSW agent in your country, your agent can certify your copies. In some cases, you may also be required to supply a course outline and syllabus. 

Articulation pathways

Articulation is when prior study is recognised for applicants who have graduated with qualifications from recognised institutions. Entry is based on academic achievement during your studies. 

Please check if your qualification is listed in the UNSW Articulation Pathways. 

Need some help?

If you need help assistance with prior learning, contact us below. We're here to help.