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If you’re interested in financial and capital markets, like thinking strategically and enjoy the challenge of using your creative and analytical skills to make difficult decisions, then you might like to consider studying finance. But what can you do with a finance degree and what are the careers in finance in Australia? Let’s take a look.

Why study finance?

Finance is a study of financial and capital markets, and it’s a big sector. Financial systems are central to everything we do, with the Australian financial market growing 13.2% to $10.9 trillion during 2021* alone.

By studying finance, you’ll gain skills in analytics, communication, technology, innovation, problem-solving, management, business and commerce – setting you up for an exciting, global, successful career as a finance professional.

*Roy Morgan Banking & Finance Currency Report, 2021

“The learning culture at UNSW, which challenges the status quo, helped set me apart from other financial advisors and prepared me for the fast-paced world of finance."

Harry Goldberg
Co-founder, Adviser and Coach, Purpose Advisory – UNSW Finance graduate

Types of finance jobs

Jobs in finance for graduates are many and varied. With the ability to creatively problem solve and apply those skills across a broad range of industries, your analytical and finance skills will put you in high demand – now and in the future – and set you up for success in a diverse range of careers. Here are some finance degree jobs you might be interested in, from entry-level finance jobs to senior leadership.

Corporate finance

Covering everything from financial analysis, financial modelling and forecasting to risk management, investment strategies, and investment decisions, working in corporate finance means you’re involved in making the financing decisions of a firm, including an organisation’s dividend policy, debt and equity structures, and lease purchase decisions. Roles can include:

  • Corporate treasury
  • Financial analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Investment banking and trading

Finance can be a high risk, high reward industry, especially in areas of investment. Work across global banks, financial markets, hedge funds, or the stock exchange and rise to the challenge of jobs that require decisive strategy in the face of uncertainty. Roles can include:

  • Investment banker
  • Portfolio manager
  • Bond/Asset management adviser
  • Analyst
  • Stockbroker

Financial services 

Financial services cover a broad range of roles related to the finance industry including international finance, superannuation, insurance, lending, funds management, personal financial analysis and financial planning. It can involve helping individuals set financial goals. Roles can include:

  • Financial advisor
  • Financial broker
  • Financial planner
  • Finance and insurance consultant
  • Business manager
Accounting career paths

Finance career paths often cross over with other industries, such as accounting. To work as an accountant in finance you’ll need a recognised accounting degree and professional accreditation.

Study finance

UNSW’s finance programs are aligned with industry trends and developments and set you up for successful financial careers, with skills, industry connections and practical experience to excel. Whether you’re looking to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, UNSW offers renowned professional qualifications including:

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