Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons, continue your academic journey, or change careers, pursuing a postgraduate degree with UNSW can propel you toward greater achievements. 

To guide you through the process, we'll address common questions about postgraduate requirements, focusing on the essential aspects of eligibility, GPA, recognition of prior learning, plus the skills and qualifications needed for master's or other postgraduate programs.

Am I eligible? Skills and qualification requirements needed for master's or other postgraduate programs.

Before embarking on postgraduate study, it's crucial to determine your eligibility. Start by checking if you meet the skills and qualification requirements for your chosen program on the specific course page. These criteria can vary, ranging from completion of an approved undergraduate degree, specific studies in a discipline, a minimum grade point average (GPA), relevant professional experience, a portfolio of work, to health and security checks.

Exactly what these requirements are will likely differ from course to course – the requirements to do a master's degree in one field of study could be completely different to doing a short course, graduate certificate or graduate diploma in another study area.

Can you qualify for a master’s without a bachelor’s degree?

Most postgraduate degrees usually require an Australian undergraduate degree or international equivalent. Depending on the degree, here are some of the most common postgraduate requirements you might need to qualify for entry:

  • completion of an approved undergraduate degree

  • previous studies in a particular discipline or area of study 

  • a minimum grade point average in your previous degree

  • relevant professional experience

  • a portfolio of work

  • health and security checks

When your application is assessed, we’ll also check that your previous degree/institution is recognised by the university as meeting the requirements for admission into a postgraduate degree.

There may also be English language requirements for your course, so make sure you find out if you need to prove  English language proficiency. English language requirements depend on the course, your country of origin and educational background. 

The entry requirements will largely depend on your chosen program. Not sure what program to study? Visit our Degree Finder and find the program that’s right for you.

FAQs: GPA requirements for master's and other postgraduate courses

Discover everything there is to know about requirements for postgraduate study at UNSW.

  • GPA, or grade point average, is a crucial factor in postgraduate admissions. Most programs at UNSW require a minimum GPA in your previous studies. The specific GPA varies depending on the program. UNSW uses a 7-point grading scale, where 4 is a pass, and 7 is the highest grade.

  • If you fall short of the GPA requirements, don't worry. UNSW recognises the value of life and work experience. Depending on the program, relevant work experience can be considered as an alternative entry requirement. Expand your career horizons through postgraduate study by leveraging your work experience.

  • We understand that your education journey isn’t always linear. You may have already done some study before applying for your course. We want to make entry to UNSW as straightforward as possible so you may be able to transfer credit for subjects you've already studied. When applying, be sure to include certified copies of your academic transcripts.

  • For some programs, you might need to complete additional forms, information or essays, depending how competitive the postgraduate program is. When it comes to being selected for the next round of interviews, for example, you’ll need to put your best foot forward and explain your personal history, work experience, ambitions and why you want to study this particular program.

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