Alana Hickson

Alana Hickson

Alana Hickson has complete a Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design.

Alana Hickson's areas of interest and expertise are jewellery and graphic design, although she confesses that virtually all areas of creativity offer her inspiration. 

For the ANNUAL 2016 exhibition, Alana will showcase her multidimensional nature and her ability to use design to be of benefit to all. She’s exhibiting two projects. The first is called Strong Women. It’s a graphic design project for an independent workshop aimed at encouraging greater awareness of self and the value of others among high school girls.   Alana has created an overarching visual brand for the workshop and other graphic elements to support the advertisement requirements of the associated activities, breakout groups, online components, a game, and a keepsake item. 

In addition to this project, Alana has sought to better educated primary school students on the issue of coral reef erosion and environmental problems due increasing water temperatures. For Replenish Our Reef, Alana has created a range of printed collateral for children aged 8-12 years of age, including an illustrated educational book with lift-out and interactive components. Alana says her goal in designing the book was two-fold; she wanted kids to have fun while learning about the world around them, and she wanted them to better understand the consequences of human behaviour – both good and bad – on the environment.