Angela Caro-Aristizabal

Angela Caro-Aristizabal

Angela Caro-Aristizabal is a designer interested in the essentials of creative expression and engagement. She says she likes “big ideas, slow technology, and designing experiences for wellbeing.” Armed with a design degree from UNSW Art & Design, having specialised in hand-crafting small objects and textiles, Angela has pursued projects and jobs that allow her values to shine from “research to outcome”.  

Angela is now a freelance designer, and a brand strategy intern for MamaTray, a start-up strategic brand consultancy directed by Michelle Traylor.

Since graduating in 2015 Angela has undertaken a series of design consultancies including work on the creative team for the Cancer Council's Breakthrough Art Festival 2016. Angela also worked on Making It Together (MIT), run by Dr Gail Kenning. A ‘making’ and research group exploring co-design, participatory, inclusive, ‘grass roots’ socially engaged art and design approaches. One project that came out of MIT involved developing interactive craft activities for people with mid-stage dementia. A personal, urban research project involved installing “colouring stations” in public spaces to encourage people to swap their phones for coloured markers (at least for a few minutes). The objective of this project was to establish engaging and playful activity and to break down the barriers created by smartphones which prevent people from interacting.