Cesar Corpus

Cesar Corpus

Cesar Corpus completed a Bachelor of Design in 2008.

Cesar lives and works in New York City specialising in creating digital experiences. Having a background that is conceptually driven and multi-disciplined, his creativity is influenced by lifestyle and life experiences that looks at design holistically and is produced with a multi-channeled consideration. He is a strong believer in working in a lean and agile environment, collaboration and iteration.

As a product designer he aims to produce fresh, innovative, distinctive UI and functional UX taking into account research, testing and insights to inform his prototypes. He embraces emerging technologies and how they can influence human interaction and user experience.


At UNSW Art & Design we encourage our students to explore the breadth of career opportunities available to them. The Design Your Future series showcases the journeys of our unique and inspiring design alumni.

Tell us a bit about your career in design? Were there any pivotal moments on the path to where you are now?
I've been designing now for 12 years and graduated from COFA (now UNSW Art & Design) in 2008 with a Bachelor of Design. I broke into the industry focusing on graphic design, brand and advertising.  

My first gig was working at a music festival organization, producing campaigns and collateral for a multitude of events. Soon after I started to design for the hospitality industry. With the Merivale Group, I was able to create some memorable restaurant brands such as Ms. G's in Potts point and Mr. Wongs in the CBD to name a couple.

It was not until I moved to New York to further pursue my career in design that I decided that experience/product design was an area I preferred to work in. I enjoyed how designs were modelled off research, insights and testing. I landed a job as a product designer at a company called Beyond where I worked with numerous Google clients. This taught me alot about UX/UI methodologies.  

Fast forward a couple of yearsI moved into consulting with Deloitte Digital in New York where I led a team of visual designers to create a wealth management app. I currently work for another digital agency called Big Spaceship in Dumbo where I am a design lead and design system advocate for JetBlue.

Most rewarding aspect of a career in design?
The challenge of problem solving through design and the ability to be creative. Now working in user experience, I love being able to improve the lives of users, achieving business goals and seeing success in organizations I work with.   

Most interesting design challenge/project you've worked on?
The most challenging project I've worked on would most likely be for JetBlue, working closely with another UX lead and the team to create a new experience for JetBlue (an American airline). We improved the customer experience and increased conversion for booking and checking out your flights. 

What about your UNSW experience has helped you in your career?
I loved the fact that my course was multidisciplinary. I was able to taste test many aspects of design and hone in on a discipline I really enjoyed. I was also lucky enough to participate in an international exchange program for 8 months with The Bauhaus University.  

One skill you learnt at UNSW Art & Design that has been in-valuable?
Networking is pretty important, I still try and keep in contact with some of my uni mates in the industry.

Designing Your Future – one piece of advice for aspiring designers?
Don't be scared to try something new or do something because you might fail. Having studied in Germany and now living and working in the United States, both experiences were very daunting but ended up being extremely rewarding.